FREE The Ghoul Kids |Draculaura| Pandaabear Base & Kri Sweaty Head Skin Templates

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The Ghoul Kids : Draculaura

Base skin textures are not included!

Mind you these photos are kind of meh, but it gets the texture across! Its all themed from Monster high I will be making this a series with LethalDino!

also don't mind the sparkly face I took the face glitter off my head on accident LOL!

Shader used Poi 7.3

If you need help join my discord server

Or contact us on instagram:

All art is handdrawn by Calli.Ink and FoamLatteVR on instagram! Some where also drawn by Popsuckle!

How to use our textures!

- Import Package

- Take Base Template and throw it over your original skin base texture of your choice. No skin textures are apart of this package you must download, or pay for them thank you!

- Everything should work fine after that!

What comes in the Package

- 2 Base Skin Templates

- 1 Face Template

- 1 Face Emissions + 1 Matcap

- 2 Emissions Maps

- 1 Normal Maps

- 2 Material Presets

Everything is titled correctly and organized within the Unity Package.

Once downloaded you can use our textures for anything, it is all our own hardwork, we give you the full right to put it on free, public, or paid avatars. Just give us ( FoamLatte & LethalDino ) credit. ALSO!!! Tag us in your edits we love to see them and like to support you guys!

Feel free to donate to us, but you do not have to!


Photos are taken by my friend OkusanVr!

Body Base

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FREE The Ghoul Kids |Draculaura| Pandaabear Base & Kri Sweaty Head Skin Templates

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